September 1, 2014

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Homeschool Helps

We love Classical Conversations and I am so thankful we were introduced to it.
We supplement with Logic of English and Life of Fred. Here are their websites

With Classical conversations we are not part of a group but if you were there are a lot of resources on their Connected website that allows for review of weekly material and resources from other moms. Since we are not in a group this year Leigh and I still meet and complete the science projects, art projects, music activities, geography, and person presentations. Classical is a lot of work! I believe it is well worth the effort and our children will be better for it. I have been pleasantly surprised with Isaac’s improvements since last year.

Logic of English is an amazing curriculum. Watch her videos on the website because I think everyone should use it. Plus there are sample lessons and videos on teaching the material. Now the first course is Foundations and there are a lot of books involved so it can get pricey. Instead of buying all the Foundation books/workbooks we just bought the Essentials book (meant for older students) which includes a lesson plan in the book for young kids. We take a lesson and spread it over two weeks. We are currently on lesson six. This curriculum teaches both manuscript and cursive; we started with cursive. I love teaching the boys english, it is my favorite part of the day. We did take both boys through Foundations A which teaches all basic phonograms and gives them a fun start to learning english. I would recommend getting the tactile cards, game cards, teachers manual, and a work-book. You can order the books or get them PDF and print them yourself. We ordered the teachers manual and the work-book PDF family license so we could print all we wanted. We also bought the game book to help with review and the laminated reference charts for easy access.

Life of Fred is not a curriculum in its self but it is recommended by Charlotte Mason and the boys love the story. There are questions at the end of each chapter and you can build on it if your creative. I could not get into Saxon Math so we stopped doing it. In CC they review skip counting to 15 and basic measurements every year. Life of Fred also has many books to purchase and we have purchased the Elementary series which includes 10 books. This series takes the boys through basic math and shows them why math is so important in life. It is a very exagerated story but children love it. The books are very simple and not flashy or appealing to the eye. Life of Fred series takes children through College level math.

I have also found lots of blogs and websites that have been a big encouragement:

Here are some websites that aid in worksheets, games, and printables (lots of printables) We use this for handwriting paper and drawing lessons (games) (Typing game) (create your own writing worksheets) We use this for bible memory and copywork (Calender notebook)

These are some sites I have purchased materials from:
Rainbow resources
Amazon (of course)
Homeschoolclassifieds (offers free resources)

I hope all of this information is helpful on your home-school journey. I know over time we will change our plan and practice but for now this is working great for my family. If you have questions about any of this information please email me

With Great Love and Truth,


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