September 4, 2014

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Joy Buster: Sadness


This is never you, right?

Just one of those days … that no matter what you do you feel dissatisfied, unkind, and sad. This day just drags and drags. Your kids are extra bad or maybe it’s because you’re so high-strung that it just seems that way.

You blow them off to sit and do nothing. You manage to make some breakfast and read a little of the bible to them hoping they latch onto some of it. You somehow get through the important stuff regarding school so you can check off your attendence sheet for them; how embarassed would you be in front of other moms! You start lunch which ends up being peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with grapes. Then for the rest of the day you think of all that you wanted to accomplish and all that you didn’t accomplish and feel like such a failure.

Your mood hasn’t changed over the last several days and at times you feel its been worse. You don’t feel like being around people because every one of them just want something from you. You have no motivation or inspiration to do anything but mindless activities which end up making you feel worse. You haven’t spent any time with your husband lately and being intimate isn’t even on your priority list. Now your married to a good man! Who does notice your sadness and questions you concerning it but you shrug him off because it will lead to sex later and you don’t want any part of that. You want to connect with someone and voice your sadness but your sadness is holding you back from taking that step forward. You want someone to notice your disgruntled mood but when no-one does you get upset and resort to being even more sad …


Sadness is a hurdle

Are you laughing out loud yet?

Does this sound like you? Have you fallen into one of these pits before? Are you currently in one of these moods right now?

I have been here and thought all of these thoughts on several occasions. I have allowed these moods to cause a lot of regrets and a lot of wasted time. I call these moods Joy Busters. Your mind becomes so overwhelmed with the negative things in life it causes a sadness not easily overcome. Now this type of mood isn’t depression, it is short-lived with mild effects. As our minds become warped we often don’t take our thoughts captive early enough and it causes this internal battle you see above. Don’t let this battle above rule your life. Don’t remain in the unstable sea of sadness. Find joy quickly!

My suggestions to overcome this Joy Buster:
~Pick a project that needs done and do it
~Play with your children
~Present your emotions and body to your husband

I know that sometimes starting a project is overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be a big one. Clean your room from top to bottom. Make a craft. Show some love to your garden. Whatever the project you choose make sure it involves your brain and your body. Playing with your children always brings a mother joy; even while playing pretend superheros! Our children are a great gift of God and God has wired us to nurture and enjoy them. Now for some of us the last one is the hardest. Talk to your concerned husband and let him know how you are feeling. When he asks you whats wrong speak up and tell him. Finally have sex! Sometimes women want to deny their need for sex when often times we need it. We need that close feeling with our husbands and also that source of stress release. Take your sadness to the bedroom and work it out 😉

Finally after all that I believe your mind and body are ready to then sit down and sort through Philippians 4 and to focus on all things true … By all means God should never be last on our priority list but some times we need some prep work beforehand.

With Great Love and Truth,

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