October 6, 2014

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Mini Vacation

Just this past week my boys and I drove to Ohio for a few days. We took some time off 🙂

As you may know I am from Ohio and my Husband and I agreed to move to South Carolina for a change. We moved here just over two years ago. Neither one of us have family here and we have one family we knew from Ohio and have a very close relationship with them. Our families developed this relationship back in Ohio but then they decided to move here for her family and that was a sad departing. We had our children only months apart and really had a relationship rooted in family and children. When we decided to move from Ohio we couldn’t resist moving closer to our beloved friends.Now we home school together and attend the same church.

This last week was a planned week off of school so we planned a trip to Ohio to see family and friends. I only stayed for 4 days but it was an enjoyable trip. My boys had a great time reconnecting with their friends and cousins. I enjoyed visiting with brothers and sisters in Christ from the church my family attended there. When we are homeschooling and working and trying to hold everything together it is a wise thing to take a break and enjoy life. Releasing some responsibilities for a time can really minister to your soul. Here are some pictures from my trip and I encourage you to take some time off.

With Great Love and Truth,


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