October 20, 2014

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Itching to Sin?

Think about a rash with me for a second …

A rash can appear in any array of patterns, shapes, and sizes. It can be explained and also completely mysterious in origin. It can be caused by environmental factors or internal factors. It can last for a few minutes to weeks on end. Rashes can be harmless or deadly. It is often associated with other symptoms indicating a problem the body has encountered.  Rashes are treatable with some cream and with more several cases oral or IV medications. We could go on and on …

So where am I going with all this irritating talk …

If you have ever had a rash you can completely relate to its intense draw to scratch it. If you are a disciplined person you may not be able to sympathize with me. Everyone knows that when a rash itches it’s a struggle to avoid scratching it. At times the itching can get so intense that we can break the skin. Anyone who has had a rash also knows that allowing warm water to run over it feels amazing. You turn the water hotter and hotter until your skin is bright red. You stepped into the shower determined not to turn the water hot. Once that water hits, you decide that the hot water isn’t so bad and you can control your itching desires. Now the water is hot and you began to feel the rash calling out to you so you turn the affected area into the water and begin to glide your hands over it. Before you know it your mental assent has collapsed and you can do nothing but scratch. You scratch until you feel the sensation in your toes!

Yeah you know the feeling!


Afterwards the rash is inflamed and even more irritated. Your repaired skin is now even more damaged and you regret even getting into the shower. Now compare this to sin. You acknowledge the cause of your sin and what aggregates the desires to act ungodly, you try to mentally push through those desires until you collapse. You feel this sense of regret and now have to work even harder to repair any damage you have caused.

Sin is not just a one player game. It will get worse and it will get harder to fight as you give in. These sins will eventually cause you to give up in defeat and your soul will become numb. Avoid the things that lead you to wrong thinking patterns, down the wrong path, and to ill feelings. Stop the sin before it begins to take root in your mind and kill it. The cure to sin is the gospel and the word of God. Trust in the spirit and be obedient to your creator.

With Great Love and Truth,

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