November 28, 2014

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As I reflect over the last couple years, I find an overwhelming sense of gratefulness. I am thankful that God has been working in my life and has been shaping me as a person.
I praise God that when I gave up and turned my back on him, he never did. I find security knowing that God remains faithful to me and all of his children. His promises are kept because that is who he is and he cannot step outside of his character. He is so much higher than we are and to describe him is nearly impossible. We can’t truly understand him because he is nothing like us; I am grateful he isn’t! Without God nothing else in my life would make sense and nothing could measure up because I am so depraved.
God provides me forgiveness, repentance, faith, and joy in his son Christ  alone. Nothing in my hands I bring simply to thy cross I cling.


Thank you God!

With Great Love and Truth,

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