January 25, 2015

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Seeing the Lifeless

Today has marked another memorial stone in my career. I use the term “career” lightly because my heart is at home (another topic for another time). Being a nurse now for nearly 5 years next month, I have experienced so many good and wonderful things. I have encountered so many lovely people. I have worked a long side countless people who put their whole heart into what they do. I have learned, failed, succeeded, neglected, praised, and changed throughout my healthcare journey. Along with these amazing energetic times the heart wrenching moments follow closely behind.


These moments sneak up with no warning, no preparation, and no explanation. People come and go so fast and there is nothing we can do about it. God has defined a line and only the person’s soul crosses it. Today was one of those days for me. Watching the life drain from a person’s body is not easily forgotten.

Life is something we can’t get back. Time fades whether we are actively involved or not. We have one choice and that’s to invest in those around us and to find motivation to push us forward. In my life God is supreme and with his Spirit I shove forward through trails, blessings, rights, wrongs, failures, and disappointments. My world is not tied up in riches, fame, romance, or my children. My true home is not on this earth.

Today as I watched an elderly man slip away so fast, so lifeless, and holding absolutely no control; I am reminded I am not promised tomorrow. I want to invest in my children and husband. I want my residents to see my love and passion to care for them. Most importantly I want my love for Christ to drive all my motivations. I want others to know the gospel and I want my life to count for the kingdom of God.

When my body lies lifeless, cold, and pale I know I will be with Jesus. I pray that the man who breathed his last today knew the one true God. I pray for his family this evening. I pray for you that if you don’t know Jesus that you will crack open his love letter to you (Bible) and know the truth. Don’t count on tomorrow because maybe tomorrow someone will see you lifeless!

With Great Love and Truth,

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