January 31, 2015


Five Minute Friday: Wait

Wait …


Oh my does this word hold such power, control, and mystery. This word defines the biggest part of our lives. We wait for the light to change, we wait for our food, we wait the arrival of a baby, we wait in line, we wait .. we wait .. we wait ..

Waiting creates several different atmospheres. We can wait patiently (which we all wish we could do more of) or we can wait anxiously. Our children wait “just one second” to gain our full attention. We are told to wait for the news, for next time, until your older, or to wait on the Lord.

Waiting also unveils the attitude of our hearts. We quickly realize while waiting that we aren’t patient, at times unjustified, or even discontent. Waiting makes us think, get tense, worry, relax, let go, or sometimes even forget! As I think about this word I often think that without it I wouldn’t be who God wanted me to be.

I am sure God finds great glory and humor in making us simply wait!

With Great Love and Truth,

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Wait

  1. And sometimes we hurry up and wait! Love your words! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Yes waiting does reveal our heart and it reveals the areas that we thought we have covered. God always has a plan in these things. Visiting from #fmfparty


  3. I like the idea of God having a sense of humour. I think he really enjoys watching our lives. Nice one.

    Dropping by from the fmf linkup.


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