March 7, 2015


Five Minute Friday: Gather

Gather …

As I began thinking about this word I couldn’t avoid my children. They are always around and always in need of my attention. At times the bathroom is the only hiding place. I read at night so that I can have some peace and quiet. I enjoy my drive to work some morning and I don’t even turn on the radio.

If your honest you will admit to these same delights as well. To take a step back away from the hustle, noise, emotions, and cries we realize that its moments like these we crave. We want our kids to need us and to love us. We want to feel special and feel appreciated by our children.

Cherish the moments you have with your children. Soak up the night of story telling and whispers. Prioritize teaching them and building their character.

Gather them in your arms and show them the love of our savior.


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Gather

  1. Thank you so much. You reminded me of hiding in the bathroom when I was a teenager so I could complete my homework in peace. There were so many children everywhere.

    I will pray that you often gather your children into your arms. And I will pray that you have the peace you need too.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday,

    Drusilla Barron


  2. As parents, I think gathering our children in our arms and showing them love is our number one job. Thanks for the great reminder!


  3. Yes, our children are gifts from the Lord! Mine are all grown now, but I can gather my grandchildren in my arms and show them my love. 🙂


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