March 12, 2015

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Once a month meals …

I am not sure if you have heard but you really can cut down on the amount of cooking you do …

It’s not a dream or fantasy!

Its called “Once a month meals”

This is an introduction to this glorious event: How it works.

This is my families second month undertaking this 3 day event of cooking for an entire month. Let me share some photos

These are just a few of the meals from February that I prepared all by myself. I think this is a terrific way to prevent eating out or to save time in a busy schedule. Take an evening and go shopping, the next day do all your prep work, and on the last day do all the cooking and freezing. Instructions come for all three phases. You will probably spend about $300 a month depending on the size of family you choose. You can cook for 1 person or over 100 people. You can choose between 7 different meals plans; paleo being my favorite.

When you begin there may be equipment that you need to purchase such as: strainers, bowls, spatulas, measuring cups, baking sheets, and lots of Ziploc bags. Also a food processor saves much time and energy! We have two crock pots and several cutting boards. At times the instructions are hard to read but often times I end up with enough supplies.

Last month I felt like the serving sizes were two small so this month I cooked for 6 people. Some moms prefer to cook for double the number of family members therefore not even cooking monthly. I have really enjoyed the meals and as I cook it is easy to substitute or leave out an ingredient I don’t like (such as olives).

I actually took a Thursday and went shopping, prepped on Friday evening, and cooked all day Saturday. It was tiresome and I was pretty exhausted afterwards. There were some ingredients that I actually had to go to a whole foods store for because I hadn’t even heard of the product (like Japanese sweet potatoes). As you cook there are easy to print labels for each meal and come in very handy when pulling meals from the freezer.

My family has really enjoyed these meals and the simplicity of the serving instructions. I recommend that for $10 a month, you try this method of cooking at least for two months. If you find cooking a drag and often avoid it then this just might work for you! I also recommend that if you have children in your home during this time that you order pizza because you won’t want to cook anymore! I let my kids pick lunch and dinner for that cooking and it makes it sorta fun for them.

If you or anyone you know have attempted this type of cooking let me know about it. Send me some pictures and maybe some lessons you have learned along the way. Trust me advice is appreciated.

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