March 16, 2015

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Food Choices vs Diet

Diets, fads, and food choice …

This is not a topic I have written on in this blog, but its a very important subject to me. Just as spiritual food is a must, I believe that the food we eat impacts our entire being. The standard american diet is sickening our nation and causing us to walk around in a fog. We crave the wrong foods on a daily basis because the unnatural, man-made ingredients is like crack to our brains.

Educate-Yourself-714x400We eat constantly, convulsively, and so many contaminated foods. We reach for soda, candy, and processed foods while shopping in our grocery stores. We make terrible choices because we are so uninformed. We feel completely overwhelmed if we attempt to educate our selves and so give up not knowing what to believe. We hear of so many diets and to pick one is hard enough but to stick to one is even harder.

Even the government is deceived and only guided by where they can gain the most profit. If they were truly concerned for our health they wouldn’t aid the needy with processed fake foods. We walk into a grocery store and we are drawn towards these sugar filled foods because they are tasty but because we feel we can actually afford them.

My personal journey has led me to start educating myself. I have been listening to podcasts, TED talks, and reading blogs about food and our health. I have tweaked by own diet and seek to uncover the foods that make me feel fantastic. I want to consume whole real foods. I want to eliminate sugar, carbs, and processed foods. I believe stripping my diet of gluten, dairy, and sugars will allow me to feel my best.

Research has proven that our overall health starts in our guts. We develop so many diseases and symptoms due to what we consume. The daily aches, rashes, and inability to focus could just be a result of what your eating. If you are overweight and hurting there is hope, don’t give up! I encourage you to take a few minutes a day and research the basic american diet and its effects on our bodies. Knowledge is power and it may just change your life.

Here are a few websites I enjoy:

Fat-burning Man

The bulletproof Diet

Whole Life Nutrition 

JJ Virgin

There is so much out there that you need to take one step at a time. Start with keeping a log of what you eat. Change NOTHING. After a couple of weeks take a look at what you have eaten. Begin to increase the amount of water you are drinking because it is essential to weight loss and detox. I would then suggest getting adequate sleep each night, at least 7 hrs. Through these few weeks begin researching processed foods vs whole foods, increasing energy from our foods, and the proper way to eat fats, carbs, and protein.

Get educated and you will be considered an expert in just a few weeks!


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