March 27, 2015


Five Minute Friday: Break

Break …

This week has been a rough week for me. I am trying to eliminate things from my diet, taking note of foods that help me feel better or worse. As I have been drinking more whole juice drinks I think its been effecting my hormones. This whole week has been a challenge to stay positive and joyful. My husband has been working a lot and doesn’t get home until late therefore I am left with my boys almost everyday without him.

Its been an adjustment trying to establish a routine with my boys and maintain authority and patience with them. With my mood being crazy its been hard to home-school them and not lose control. Anyone who has boys can sympathize with me. This is my last week working a 32 hr work schedule (which includes every weekend). Starting this next week I will be dropping down to 24 hrs that include every other weekend.

As I am really excited about this I am praying that I can develop a workable routine and still have time for my husband each day. I am praying that I can maintain a healthy diet and know what maybe going on with my body so I can get the right nutrients. I also pray my family can adjust to me being home more without having a mental breakdown!!!

Please Pray for me and my family.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Break

  1. You are strong enough because He is. Trusting for good things for you!


  2. Stopping by from FMF. You are courageous! Things won’t always be this way. It is encouraging to read of another trying to take care of their body as a temple. In time you will see good changes and adjust. It is all worth it!


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