March 27, 2015

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Hardness of your heart

For the hardness of your heart …
Matthew 19


Reading through scripture we face the truth of our sinfulness, depravity, and pride. We cannot escape the influence our wicked heart radiates on a daily basis. Thank God that we aren’t left to this end.

Reading through Matthew 19 Jesus grasps our selfishness and pulls it out of the hat for all to see. He displays our sin so we can understand his grace and our need for redemption.  As the religious fakes of that day sought to trick Christ and catch him in the wrong, Christ illuminated the hardness of their hearts.

Our hearts are so wicked that even when we believe we are “good” Christ reveals the wretches we really are. The rich ruler thought he was “good” until Christ asked him to give up all he had. You see just like this ruler we believe the illusion of our own goodness until the pure light of Christ is shed upon it. We quickly realize our need for a savior because we cannot save ourselves. We will utterly fail at saving ourselves or we will joyfully succeed at becoming moralistic ally good. Either of these outcomes will lead to our eternal punishment.

But God …

He calls us out of our sin to enjoy him forever. We are raised to life by the Spirit and because of that we seek to honor and praise his great name. Those mentioned in this chapter are not capable to honor a thrice holy God apart from Jesus’s death and the transforming power of the Spirit. We aren’t capable of this kind of perfection either.

We could talk about divorce, idolatry, or heavenly rewards but if we never understand why Christ walked on this earth we have missed the point entirely!

God graciously resurrects us from the grave and he lays out his will in his word. At times his word is hard to swallow but as a true follower of Christ we will submit and study to rightly divide his word. We will seek to understand God’s union of two sinners in marriage, the riches he loans us, and our eternal reward that gives us a taste of heaven. Seek learn and love his truth.

Please join and invite other Christian ladies for support and strengthening in the Word of God. Grab and share!

Please join and invite other Christian ladies for support and strengthening in the Word of God.

With Great Love & Truth,

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