April 7, 2015

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Wise not Witless

Proverbs 2

The writer of proverbs has valued and experienced the power of wisdom. With this experience what better to do with it than to share it with your son. If you truly believe in a life changing truth you will pass it on and leave a stronger legacy behind. Solomon was a great example of God-given wisdom and strength.

Reading Proverbs 2 Solomon is recalling the:

  1. Need for wisdom
  2. Gift of wisdom
  3. Benefits of wisdom

In this life we need wisdom. With all of the deception, dangers, and doubt we need a solid source of strength that never fails. This wisdom is not just knowing right from wrong. This wisdom has the ability to justly judge situations and truth. This is a knowledge and an action that sorts through distortion to see life clearly. As a fallen race we do not posses this kind of wisdom in and of ourselves.

With that we rely on God for a divine wisdom that comes from him alone. During Solomon’s life he understood that as a leader of Israel, wisdom was invaluable. As he spoke to his son here, he explained the earthly thirst for wisdom and a heavenly drink of it. Our hearts have to be given a thirst for wisdom and the quenching of that longing is attributed to God.  God not only gives us the desire but he has given us the means as well.

Finally Solomon declares the benefits of such wisdom.  One will have an ability to discern between truth and lies. One will be able to take notice of those who have been deceived and were never part of the fold. Wisdom protects those who hold tightly to her from other women. Wisdom creates a realm of righteous actions and a heart that beats solely after God. This type of divine wisdom changes lives.

Wisdom is a treasure that we should all seek after. God is faithful to supply us with all we need to run the race and to finish well. Prayerfully seek after wisdom and to ever grow more in love with Jesus Christ. Rely on his word and exercise faith in the one who was resurrected from the grave!

With Great Love and Truth,

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