April 8, 2015

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Want to be healthy? Lets get to it!

Your Health Matters

health matters

Hey there, if you are like me you want to enjoy life and feel great. You want to have an abundance of energy and a clear mind. You want to be able to keep up with your children physically while staying sharp mentally. As a mother we can often be depleted emotionally and I know you want to be emotionally stable as well (best for everyone involved).
This is why I have decided to take a little adventure. I am going to eliminate everything from my diet. I will go through a detox phase, an elimination phase, and finally a reintroduction phase. All three phases combined will last about 70 days. I have eliminated a lot already from my diet such as processed foods, grains, flour, sugar, and dairy. My husband and I have made this transition over the last several years. As we learn more information and become more convinced of the research it has changed our lives.
This reminds me of our relationship with Christ. We are given this divine hunger for truth and as we fill that desire (which is never truly satiated) we become convinced and it changes our lives. Now this is another topic for another day but to clarify it is more important than any physical food we may or may not consume.
Food is an addiction! Now if you don’t agree with this statement please try a juice fast or raw vegan diet for a short time and you will then agree, trust me. Food can also be very toxic. Food has the ability to change our entire being even what we thought was “normal” for us. It can cause panic attacks, breakouts, autoimmune diseases, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, leaky gut, fatigue, and so many more …

You believe that the joint pain you have is because of age, or that 1 bowel movement a week is “normal.” You are exactly what you put into your mouth. You are a walking toxic waste dump if you eat processed and sugary foods. Not only does our environment surround you with toxins but what your eating is killing you from the inside.
Here’s my challenge to anyone reading this post: don’t allow ignorance to claim the right to feeling great. Don’t sit back on your couch and believe that “this is just something I’ll live with forever.” This doesn’t have to be you and it certainly isn’t true. You have believed a lie and I am challenging you to seek the truth. Don’t give up!
Just as our darkened eyes couldn’t see, and our ears couldn’t hear until God opened them; we cannot change our dietary habits void of knowledge. Knowledge is power and it changes lives. God has never given us a license to be lazy. He opened our understanding to who Christ is and what he did for us. Along with that though, we have to open scripture and fill our minds and then our lives will change. We will begin to better grasp who we are in Christ and we can then glorify God at a deeper level.
Lets take 10 minutes a week to look up basic health information, concern, or goal then we will gain knowledge. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or energy start there and begin reading. Read blogs (and support them), articles, and research on the topic. As you learn you will then begin to filter the information and distinguish fact from fiction.

I would begin with these simple steps:

Now I would encourage you that there is not just one answer when it comes to diets. Every person has been created uniquely by God. The food choices I make may not be the same choices you should make. Now I believe that a higher fat intake and a lower carbohydrate intake is probably best for everyone but that looks different for each person. Keep this in mind when talking about “diets” with other people and take what they advise with a grain of salt. I don’t know everything and as I grow and change my opinion and practices will change. Join me and lets learn and grow even more healthy.
Encouragement appreciated in the comments.


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