July 31, 2015


Five Minute Friday: Try

We have closed our second week of school and it continues to be a challenge. My children are still adapting to getting up and getting started with daily lessons. It’s a challenge to maintain a calm and joyful atmosphere for learning. I am still young in my homeschooling years and I am praying this gets easier. My children have moments of achievement and fun and then the next minute they are having a meltdown.
I want my children to truly enjoy learning and I know that won’t happen if I am an angry teacher. I also want my children to be independent learners without me nagging them every hour. Given, my children are young (7&5) but I don’t believe they are to young for these important life skills.
They are a great joy and a great challenge to my character as a Christian.  I thank God for them and I pray for them daily. I try and try to teach them in a tender-hearted way but many days are still very challenging for me.
Pray for me!
Any suggestions please comment below.

With Great Love & Truth,

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Try

  1. Teaching can be a huge challenge and teaching your own children an even greater challenge. Be sure to get yourself plugged in with other homeschooling moms who can help encourage you and maybe swap the load every so often. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. I think all homeschooling parents are superheros. I can easily step in a classroom of 30 or more students that are not my own kin, but spending everyday teaching my child would be rough. Popping in from FMF and wishing you success and patience as you begin a new school year!


  2. nice post.


  3. From a seasoned home educating veteran married to one of the first modern day home school graduates. Remember to breath. There is no one that says you have to grind the millstone. Relax. Take a day off if it’s too much. Go outside and have FUN. Read a book, have a tickle fest. Remember this is crazy life is much more than academics it’s about character training and relationship building with your kiddos.


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