August 8, 2016

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My life doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Everyday seems to be something new to distract me, disappoint, worry, or overwhelm me. Life bounces from one twist to another. If there’s no twist it’s probably because I’m upside down!


So lets back track a little …

In the beginning of June I was terminated from my job. The company had new management and over the course of about a year made some awful judgement calls. Being the patient person I am (as far as employment) I kept silent until I couldn’t any more. I spoke up to my direct supervisors and with no avail moved right up the chain of command. My attempts at resolution and feeling heard were ignored for over a year. Finally in June the management team searched hard and fired me for a harmless mistake.

I was hurt to say the least. I invested in my patients and the company and to be terminated by my superiors was the worst professional words I’ve ever heard. With that I left silently and began my search for a new job. God is good and provided me with two different jobs. The last few months have led to increased work hours and less time at home. My goal isn’t to be a “career woman.” My goal is to see my children grow in Christ and to spread the gospel.

In the beginning of July my Mother passed away unexpectedly. In the midst of finding a new job and training I needed to make a trip back to Ohio for her funeral service. Everyone knows when you switch jobs it throws off your pay schedule so that required some adjustments. Preparing a 1,026 mile trip wasn’t an easy task but it was necessary. My family and I spent about 4 days in Ohio with family and laying my Mom to rest. I had a wild mix of emotions but blessed to know that I’ll see my Mother again some day.

Shortly after my return home I started training for my second job (which is my primary place of employment). This second job is in one of our state prisons. This brings a level of fear and stress that only those in this atmosphere could understand. I then spent a week at the academy, away from my family. This training was great but it disturbed my family’s schedule.

So keeping in mind that our home-school year starts at the end of June … at this point we have only completed 3 days! If you’re a home-school Mom you can probably sense by frustration and stress.

Now at the beginning of August I was presented with the opportunity to allow my great-grandmother to come live with my family. She is 85 and beginning to get forgetful with poor judgement. Up to this point she has lived alone but that isn’t possible now. My family in Ohio has done an amazing job but my Grandma needs company at all times and there are few that can undertake this. At this point it is very likely that at the beginning of September my Grandma will be coming to stay. Pray for us!

In the midst of all this I’d like to say I’ve stayed faithfully connected to my savior. Unfortunately I have neglected that relationship and my soul feels it! By God’s grace I will fight for joy and satisfaction in him and nothing else. God is good and worthy to be praised!

Lord, I turn to you.

Psalm 25:1


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