My Family

wpid-wp-1406024340199.jpeg My name is Beth and I am married to a faithful smart man. I married him 8 yrs ago. I have two children ages 6 & 4. Isaac is my oldest and just celebrated his 6th birthday in which he also lost his first tooth. He loves superheros and playing games. He is in his second year of homeschooling. My second child is Luke and he enjoys superheros and drawing. He has started his first year of homeschooling and is having to adjust to being disciplined.

Our family moved to South Carolina just over 2 years ago from Ohio. My husband had a change in job status and moving out-of-state seemed intriguing. We have friends here in SC that we knew in Ohio and when choosing where to move we couldn’t resist being close to them. We had a very rough first year adjusting to having no support from family or friends that we had in Ohio. We struggled with having no babysitters and limited amount of activities due to being new to the area. If any of you have ever lived in SC you would also understand there is no such thing as a “block.” When driving you never drove around the block and our GPS wasn’t even sure where to go. We also struggled in relying on each other for entertainment. We had to reshape our life to glorify God in our new surroundings.

My husband and I have very little in common but over the last couple years we have learned to enjoy activities that one of us may not care for. Before we moved away from Ohio we had “trust issues.” Not only did we move away from all we knew we also had to leave behind our sinful past and move forward in our commitment to each other. The biggest blessing in moving to SC is that we found a Godly church more than willing to take us in and shepherd us through some of our hardships.  They were so kind, warm, and grounded in truth that we never left and faithfully serve there to this day. Upon moving to SC I started my job as a nurse.

I am a LPN and have worked in nursing homes since my very first job. I was blessed that my employer was patient with me and accepted my license from out-of-state. I love what I do and thank God for my job.  I have gone from as needed, to full-time 40hrs, to now working 32hrs a week. I have worked every shift and also as a supervisor. My family feels called to home-school (obviously) our children so I pray one day I might be able to work only as needed or part-time and pour more of my energy into my family at home.

My husband is a salesman and could sell you anything he believed in. He is intelligent and logical. He has recently decided to attend seminary and study to be a biblical teacher of some kind. We are praying God will provide for him to go to school with no debt or loans. Our family has recently decided that our long term goal will be to plant a church back in Ohio. So our journey begins here and would love to share it with you!

For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.” Romans 8:29 NKJV

Please keep us in your prayers.

With much Love and Truth,


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